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Lee: The fact that the entire baseball world congregates in a hotel lobby and you have an opportunity to catch up with sources and friends from around the industry whom you see only a handful of times a year, often at the big baseball events like the All-Star Game or the World Series. It's a great annual reminder that the world is a lot smaller than it can sometimes seem. Los Angeles Angels Face Coverings

Joon Lee: Recency bias! The Chris Sale trade in 2016 from the Chicago White Sox to the Boston Red Sox is a move that had ramifications for the Red Sox franchise beyond the team's World Series title in 2018. Dave Dombrowski's decision to sign Sale to a massive extension (paired with the four-year, $68 million contact given to Nathan Eovaldi) eventually put the franchise in a financial position where it felt the need to trade Mookie Betts and David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which obviously played a big role in crowning the most recent World Series champion.

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers hired Chris Young as executive vice president and general manager Friday, bringing the Major League Baseball executive home to work under president of baseball operations Jon Daniels, the club's GM since 2005.

As for the Masters: If the only way you can play a golf tournament, even the world’s most famous one, is seven months after its scheduled date, why play it at all? The Tradition Like No Other is about azaleas, which won’t be blooming on the far side of Halloween. Given that there’s another Masters scheduled for April 2021 — five months after the 2020 edition’s new dates — where would be the harm in saying, “Stay healthy, folks, and we’ll see you in the spring, and we promise there’ll be azaleas”? MLB Face Coverings Online Sale

Or, consider this: The 2018 Phillies won only 80 games but were in first place into August, before a September collapse. The 2019 Phillies won only 81 games but were in first place before a summer collapse. The 2020 Phillies, for that matter, were two games above .500 and in the sixth seed in the National League's playoff race going into the final eight games of the season. They collapsed, going 1-7 and falling away from the eighth and final playoff spot. New York Mets Face Coverings

When Frank Thomas joined the Phillies in August 1964, he had already gained the reputation as a “needler.” Philadelphia Inquirer writer Sandy Grady once wrote of him, “He had an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong guy.” Allen was often the target of Thomas’ agitating. Once, after arriving at an airport in Los Angeles, Thomas flipped him a quarter and yelled, “Hey, boy, take my bags!” Allen recalled in a 1971 interview with Sporting News. Thomas thought it was funny. Allen wasn’t laughing. Eventually, they’d both be involved in one of the most infamous fights in baseball history. Chicago White Sox Face Coverings
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What will you miss most/least about the meetings now that they've gone virtual for 2020?
Kurkjian: What I will miss the most -- and the least -- about the winter meetings are the millions of trips through the lobby. There is so much to love there, so much to learn and so much misinformation to fear. The lobby has changed dramatically over the years. Now, it's hard to find GMs in the lobby; they're locked in their private suites with their armies of assistants, none of whom can complete a hook slide in the lobby bar at 1:30 a.m.

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